Home Truths

Expert adviceMany years of selling property, day in day out, teaches a great deal, not only about the market, but also about human nature.

So here are some hard won thoughts on handling different aspects of the market, together with some home truths about this emotional but important life skill.

  1. Buying and Selling Property
  2. Selling Privately
  3. Choosing an Estate Agent
  4. House and Kerb Appeal
  5. Setting the Right Price
  6. Handling Market Ups and Downs
  7. Handling Viewings
  8. Making a Price Reduction
  9. Handling Offers
  10. Gazumping
  11. Meet the Press
  12. The Internet and the Property Market
  13. The Ripple Effect
  14. Moving for Schooling
  15. Buying Listed Property